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The Shepherds School of Ministry (SSOM) offers four courses that are foundational to the Christian lifestyle.  They are presented in 2-hour long evening seminar sessions and run over a number of weeks:

  1. Spiritual Growth***
  2. Fishers of Men
  3. Discipleship
  4. Biblical Foundations for Life

The Spiritual Growth Seminar is a prerequisite course for anyone who seeks to become a member of The Bay CFC.  It is during this course that any believer, regardless of how long they have been a Christian, will receive key insights and revelation into many powerful aspects of the kingdom of God, including, water baptism by immersion, having your prayers answered, living a successful life, understanding practical aspects of faith and many others.   This seminar will change your life!

Further certified learning is available and more information can be obtained from the SSOM offices. 

CFCI Bible College

Christian Family Church International Bible College offers an internationally accredited curriculum.

The theme for Year One is “To cultivate intimacy with God through personal relationship” and students can earn a Certificate in Practical Ministry.

The second year, through which successful students can gain a Certificate in Biblical Studies, has as its theme, “Fanning into flame the gifts given to you by God”.

The third year programme prepares students to go and fulfil the call of God on their lives. The theme for this powerful year of equipping is “Impartation to Sons.”

Fourth and Fifth year studies are also available and students earn a Silver Laureate in Divinity Studies and then Gold Laureate in Divinity Studies.


Final Year End Result – Year One

Final Year End Result – Year Two

Final Year End Result – Year Three

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For more information please don't hesitate to contact the SSOM office:

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