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Chris W. van der Merwe

Greater is the One inside of us, than he that is in the world. And this is that which overcomes the world, even our faith. If God be for you, who can be against you? You, with God, is the majority. Don't allow anyone to tell you that you are a nothing or a zero. They lying, and are sent by the father of lies to try to discourage you.

gerhard vermeulen

God's blessing of favor flowing in your life is not based upon ur background, talents, abilities or anything u hve earned. its God's promise t evry believer from his word and all u hve t do is receive it

Elroy Williams

Wow Ladies was good spending time with Dr Bev and Errol Niadoo

Pastor Sam

Family check your benefits as you stay in the FOLD: 1. Increase 2. Fruitfulness 3.Well fed 4. No fear 5.No despair, depression nor oppression and 6. You lack nothing. (Dr Allan)

Chris van Zyl

Our language is just not strong enough to describe the goodness of our God

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