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What Can You Expect?

Celebration Services

...take place on weekends. Christians gather to enter God's presence as a congregation of believers, singing praises to our God before entering deep worship, led by a team of talented musicians, a choir and vocalists.


To help set the atmosphere for wosrhip, our usher ministry meet and greet people on arrival . Their welcoming smiles contribute to a joyful and orderly atmosphere, assisting with ithe handing out of event information and showing people to open seats.


As an equipping church, The Bay CFC is a hive of activity. The most efficient way to communicate all the dates and times of all the upcoming events for the week is on the big screens in the auditoriums of our campuses. Known as The Bay Way, the media team works with volunteers from the congregation to deliver, often an entertaining few minutes , of times, dates and venues of upcoming events to be diarised.

Tithes and Offerings

After the announcements it is time to receive instruction from the Word on our financial giving. Often neglected in churches worldwide, we embrace the importance of doing what we do in faith and with purpose. Without teaching from the Word on this activity, these elements would be missing and are integral to our worship.

At this time one of the worship team will bless us with a song of thanksgiving to God.

Word Study

By now it is time to get ino the meat of the service with Dr Allan or a visiting guest pastor, apostle, teacher, prophet or evangelist.

The messages on Saturday evenings are usually repeated on Sunday mornings to give everyone an opportunity to attend (we are growing fast) and the message on Sunday evening is different.

Committing One's Life to Jesus

Before closing a service, an altar call will be made. Ushers are under strict instruction to ask congregants not to walk around or leave the building at this time out of respect for those who, during the service, have been moved in their hearts to commit their lives to God by inviting Jesus in. Once the prayer of salvation has been prayed by everyone the congregation is released in a blessing and those who have received Jesus have an opportunity to be ministered to in prayer, immediately after the service.

Dress Code

Sunday mornings are traditionally more formal whereas Saturday and Sunday evening services tend to be more casual. But come, just as you are to worship!


Due to the size of the auditoriums of campuses of The Bay CFC visitors may find the size of the meetings impersonal. For this reason, homecell groups are in place in most geographical areas to allow for intimate fellowship and prayerful support. Speak to a pastor to find out about a homecell in your area and get involved!

Christian Language

At The Bay CFC cultivate the habit of keeping what we say aligned with what is written in Scripture. Not only does this reflect our belief in God and His Word to us, but it brings to pass the promises of God in our lives, as opposed to the alternative. It is written in Proverbs that life and death is in the power of the tongue! To speak life as opposed to death is simply a matter of choice and habit.


Reflecting Jesus in our communities is integral to our worship and during our homecell meetings everyone is welcome to bring their ideas, creativity and resources to the table for discussion , planning and action!


The Bay CFC is always on the lookout for volunteers with hearts to serve in the media team, in the mailroom, in the ministry of helps team (ushering, security, etc.), event registration, Bible School, helpers in the children's church, etc. To get involved email your particulars to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Children & Toddlers

We have a wondeful children's ministry that keeps children between the ages of 3 and 12 occupied with practical Biblical teaching and vibrant praise and worship. It's a great way for children to socialise and learn about Jesus.

Nursing mothers have a toddler's room where the service can be followed on the speaker system.

Access to Pastors

Unless on annual leave, all pastors are on duty on Sunday mornings and Sunday evenings. They are all available to speak to and would welcome your contact.

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